on   THE   DOT   history

       Significant Dates & Events

1976: Origins of Doric Logic Analysis

1979: Concept of Three Successive Integers Conjecture

1980 August: Concept of Structural Combinations Automatic Generation

1984 February 29: EMCO Model Lathe Installation

1984 August: Reorganization & Planning

1985 February: EMCO Model Machining Center Installation

1985 May: Programming on BBC Model B (32 KB RAM) MicroComputer

1985 July 18: Complete Reorganization & Strict Planning !

1986 May: Machining of Constant Transmission Ratio Gears (CTR Gears)

1987 May: Simulation of CTR Gears Operation via BBC BASIC

1988 May 4: First Thoughts & Manifesto for a Totally New Piston Rotary Engine via Uncompromised Design Methodologies

1988 June: Idea of MetaStathmeusis as Intentional Kinematic Procedure

1988 July: Idea of DiadochoKinesis as Perpetual Kinematic Operation

1988 August: Design of Conceptual Model of Six-Stroke THE (Toroidal Hermetic Engine)

1988 September 24: Simulation of Six-Stroke THE with DiadochoKinesis

1990 May: Programming on Intel 80286 CPU (16 MB RAM) WorkStation

1990 December: Birth of Doric Logic Analysis

1996 February 29: AIM += Z Laboratory Foundation !

1996 June: Design of Conceptual Model of Four-Stroke THE

1996 August: PROTEO 5-axis CNC Machining Center Installation

1996 September: Birth of Computer Algebraically Controlling (CAC)

1996 October: Programming & Machining on PROTEO via CAC

1997 May: Programming on Intel Pentium Pro CPU (1 GB RAM) WorkStation

1998 March: Modeling via Pro/ENGINEER CAD

1998 April: Machining on PROTEO via Pro/ENGINEER CAM

1998 May: Birth of OligoLithic Synthesis

1998 June: Design of THE cam 4x6 (Four Strokes & Six Bodies using Cams)

1998 July: Idea of OK (OdontoKnodax: Variable Transmission Ratio Gear)

1998 August: Idea of DiadochoKinesis via OdontoKnodaces and then Conception of DOT (Distributive Oscillating Transmission) !

1998 September: Conception of THE DOT 4x6 via OligoLithic

1998 October: Simulation of THE cam 4x6 via Pro/MECHANICA CAE

1999 April: Machining on PROTEO of CTR Gears via CAC & Cylindrical Tool

2000 April: Machining on PROTEO of OK via CAC & Cylindrical Tool by Less Than Thirty Blocks of G-Code for Precision of One Micron !

2001 September: Start of Collaboration with NAMCO

2001 November: Design of THE DOT 4x7 ... against OligoLithic

2002 January 10: Mathematical Powerful Formation of OK via Doric Logic !

2002 March 5: Complete Design of THE DOT 4x6 via OligoLithic !

2002 September: Reorganization & Replanning

2004 February: Drastic Reduction of Computing Time for One Structural Combination of Design Study for Piston Rotary Engine:
Less Than Sixty Seconds per Structural Combination !
More Than Four Hundred Thousands of Structural Combinations per Year & per Computing Unit !

2004 March: Classification of Piston Rotary Engines with Twenty Parameters by Characteristic Number with Twenty Digits/Letters

2004 April: Start of Construction of Working Prototype of " MANIFESTO " (CHI Phase)

2004 September: One More Significant Bet with Feasibility:
Number of Strokes of a Given Cycle can be an Odd Number ?
Cycles with Asymmetrical Strokes
Seven-Stroke Cycle & Five-Stroke Cycle

2004 October: Exhaustive Study of a Cycle with One Asymmetrical Stroke

2004 November: Peripheral Slot Complete Elimination

2004 December: Number of Pistons is NOT Necessarily Equal to Number of Strokes
Number of Stathmoi is NOT Necessarily Equal to Number of Pistons Minus One
Number of Stathmoi SIMPLY Can Be Set Equal to One !

2005 February: Design of THE DOT with Strictly Hermetic Toroidal Shell

2005 March: Design of THE DOT 5x7 via OligoLithic

2005 April 20: Request for Patent for
THE (01/12)
First Universal Platform Grounding
Model Seoul (1988) / Tracer Bullet

2006 April 28: Request for Patent for
THE DOT (02/12)
PHI Phase
First Internal Mechanism Disclosure
Model Atlanta+ (1997 & 1998) / Helical Version

2006 November: Design of THE DOT 5x7 with All Forces Strictly Coplanar !

2007 September 28: Request for Patent for
CHI Phase
Turning Point / Enigma
Model Athens (2004) / Compact Version

2008 July: Design of HEMIVORUS

2008 August: Achievement of Controllable Compression Ratio During Operation

2008 September: Achievement of Controllable Expansion Ratio During Operation

2008 October: Design of VORUS !


2010 April 20: More Than THREE MILLION Structural Combinations

2010 August: Design of SOLAR STIRLING ENGINE with Single (Pure Mechanical) Output (PSI Phase / HEMIVORUS)

2010 September: Design of SOLAR STIRLING ENGINE with Dual (Mechanical & Electrical) Output (PSI Phase / HEMIVORUS)

2010 September 27: Design of Rigid FIRETRACE (PSI Phase)

2010 November 14: Design of Compliant FIRETRACE (PSI Phase)

2010 December 25: Birth of PLOVEN (PSI Phase)

2010 December 31: Design of LEVENPLOVEN (PSI Phase) with Power Period of 705 Degrees (345 Degrees Overlapping) !
2011 February 7: Golden Criterion for Diesel Engine Feasibility Study 

2011 February 15: Widening of ENGINE PROJECT : 
THE-DOT now is just a Subset of this New ENGINE PROJECT 

2011 March: Birth of BARDOT 

2011 August: SARISA 

2011 September: a New Versatile Geometrical Theorem ! 

2011 October: ROPOCODE 

2011 November: SYNEPI 

2012 February: FIRENOPE Technology 

2012 May 4: More Than FOUR MILLION Structural Combinations have been Examinated 
Due to Golden Diesel Engine Criterion about 10 Subcases per Structural Combination 
& about 1,000 Subcases for Promising only Structural Combination are Enough 

2012 July: SARISA SYN 

2012 August: PENTAD 

2012 November: DO12 

2013 January: TRIAS 

2013 February: SSSSSS 
2013 May 4: DOF 

2013 May: Arithmetical Analysis for BARON 

2013 June: Completion of BARDOT 

2013 July: BORON 

2013 August: PARADIK Technology 

2013 September: LAT DOF and CommonH EYE COMP Mechanism 

2013 October: CommonR for BARDOT 

2014 February 1: Birth of BBC 

2014 February 7: New Substantial Parameter RPM (3 Discrete Values) 
24 Substantial Parameters in Total 

2014 March: SYMANTIS Engineering

2014 April 1: New ENGINE PROJECT takes the Name " DIKCENS " 

2014 April 15: CR Technology 

2014 April 26: Completion of BBC - RP Version 
2014 April 27: Completion of BBC - SR Version 

2014 May 1: More Than FIVE MILLION Structural Combinations have been Examinated 
Less Than ONE TRILLION Subcases in Total 
More Than TEN Universal Platforms have been Formed 

2014 May 3: Completion of BBC - RR Version